What APIs does Please Share use to work with Slack?

Learn about the APIs and scopes that Please Share uses to communicate with Slack.
Written by Thomas
Updated 2 years ago

Within the Security & Compliance section of Please Share's listing in the Slack app directory, you will see the "scopes" used to communicate with Slack.

All of Slack's API scopes and their descriptions can be found here, but here are the ones that Please Share uses and a short description of each scope.

  • channels:join => Join public channels in a workspace
  • channels:read => View basic information about public channels in a workspace
  • channels:join => Join public channels in a workspace
  • chat:write => Post messages in approved channels & conversations
  • emoji:read => View custom emoji in a workspace
  • users:read => View people in a workspace
  • users:read.email => View email addresses of people in a workspace

It's important to note that none of these scopes enable us to read or monitor conversations that occur in Slack.

For more information on how Please Share operates within a company's Slack workspace, click here.

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